EarthCivils EarthCivils

版本 1.18.x
得分 90.3
選票 0投票
玩家 5 / 200
平均的玩家 高峰 5, 非繁忙 0
PING 681ms
上一次 Ping 3 分鐘 前
提交 1 May, 2020
主人 gundamigundami
Web 網站 www.gunda...ivils-en/
標籤 生存

Welcome to EarthCivils

Server IP:  (Support java&bedrock)

tips: no need to add port for java edition


Backup IP:






EarthCivils has always been a unique kind of civil server like no other. With Slimefun and some datapacks, you can easily adapt the way you survive into the server with no problem and have a really special gaming experience. The main host is at China, but there is many high speed proxy to get the lowest latency for anyone in any country. Earthcivils has a friendly community, you can ask anything if you have problems. The server doesn't have any VIP or premium account, it's totally free. Rules are not strict and pretty lax.



- Crossplay between java and bedrock editions

- Global earth map, in 1/500 scale

- Real mineral distribution on Earth

- Realistic survive with datapack

- Better town plugin, many functional buildings

- Align with other towns, build your superpower here!

- Or, fight with other towns and invade their land

- Cheap vehicles, from submarine to helicopter

- Trade with other players with auction plugin

- Leveling system with skills

- Much more enchants

- Slimefun with tons of extensions

- Avaliable to go Moon, Mars or other planets

- Resource world




Don't kill with malice

Use common sense

Have fun!


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