Sword of Magic Network Sword of Magic Network

Address sub.somrpg.net
Version 1.7.2-1.20.5
Score 154.4
Votes 8Vote
Players 40 / 200
Avg. Players Peak 27, Off-Peak 15
PING 9ms
Last Ping 31 seconds ago
Submitted 6 Feb, 2020
Owner remu0202remu0202
Twitter @som_network
Discord discord.gg/YSnGhhG
Tags Economy PvP RPG Gun
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《Sword of Magic Network》 
・SoM 11 公開!
・ServerIP: mc.somrpg.net
・Version: 1.20.2~ or BE版
・Discord:  https://discord.gg/YSnGhhG 
・Twitter:  https://twitter.com/som_network 

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