EarthCivils EarthCivils

Version 1.17.x
Score 80.7
Votes 0Vote
Players 2 / 200
Avg. Players Peak 3, Off-Peak 1
PING 433ms
Last Ping 1 minute ago
Submitted 1 May, 2020
Owner gundamigundami
Web Site www.gunda...ivils-en/
Dynmap www.gunda...ndex.html
Tags Survival

Java Edition:
Java edition version: 1.13~1.16
Bedrock edition version: 1.16
Java edition and bedrock edition's accounts are not interoperable.

The server upgrade to 1.16.x, compatible with all clients from 1.13 to 1.16.x. All legal Java players can enter. This server uses 1/500 global map (43008 × 21504).

More realistic survival, add nutrition, thirst and physical strength.

Build your own civilization through Civs plugin, be self-sufficient, cooperate with each other, and reproduce a prosperous world.
The map is too big to tranport? Vehicle plugins solve all your problems, from submarines to aircraft, intercontinental traffic no longer needs to run for a few days (game day).

There is no official store in the service, and players will trade through Civs plugin.
We also have Slimefun plugin. You even can launch the Moon!
This server aims to realize the true history of civilization development, welcome to join us!


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