2b2t PvP Japan 2b2t PvP Japan

Address 2b2tpvp.jp
Version 1.8.x-1.17.x
Score 21.9
Votes 0Vote
Players 0 / 0
Avg. Players Peak 0, Off-Peak 0
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Last Ping 21 minutes ago
Submitted 2 May, 2021
Owner yd2234yd2234
Discord discord.gg/2zs9GJDw9v
Tags Survival PvP

This server is down

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Welcome to 2b2t PvP!

このサーバーは日本にある2b2t pvpサーバーです。
2b2t PvP server on Japan.
♢サーバーでのルール  -Rules-
Don't attack the server such DDoS.

            IP : 2b2tpvp.jp

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